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El Fantasma de la Ópera

Urbanitae Bets on Unique Opportunities for Investors

Since our inception, Urbanitae has been focused on offering you exclusive investment opportunities. Our mission, to democratize real estate investment, is precisely about that: making opportunities accessible that were previously reserved for a few. Enabling anyone to invest in real estate like professionals and achieve the best combination of profitability and risk in the market.

Now, we are taking a step further in that endeavor and giving back more than just dividends to the community as the main sponsors of The Phantom of the Opera. By supporting a cultural initiative, we want to thank the thousands of investors who have made Urbanitae the leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Spain. And bring everyone the most successful musical in history.

Excellence and Unique Experience

Our entry into cultural sponsorship maintains Urbanitae's groundbreaking essence. On one hand, the second season of The Phantom – which arrives in Madrid on September 27, 2024 – consolidates the innovative adaptation of the classic by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Antonio Banderas. Since its premiere on October 4, 2023, the play has nearly 280 performances and has attracted 180,000 spectators.

On the other hand, associating with the most prestigious musical – four decades on Broadway and more than 15,000 performances in the West End – underscores our commitment to offering the best. We believe that only in this way can lasting success be achieved, which in the case of Urbanitae has led us to manage more than 100,000 investments and finance nearly 300 million euros in real estate projects.

All this while increasingly expanding access to investment. For example, more than 1,000 people contributed the 3 million euros needed to complete the renovation of one of Spain's most exclusive homes. Located in La Moraleja, the Casa de la Cascada is valued at more than 18 million euros. With a minimum investment of 500 euros, hundreds could acquire a piece of this mansion.

El Fantasma de la Ópera en Madrid

Return to the Albéniz Theater with a Stop in Bilbao

After the summer, The Phantom returns to its home in Madrid. The UMusic Hotel Teatro Albéniz will host the second season of the musical from September 27, Tuesday to Sunday. The return of the show starring Gerónimo Rauch, Talía del Val, and Guido Balzaretti also marks the consecration of the Albéniz Theater, which reopened its doors in November 2022 after 17 years of closure – also thanks to Antonio Banderas.

However, the cast will make a stop in Bilbao during the summer. Specifically, the historic Arriaga Theater will host The Phantom of the Opera from August 14 to September 15, with a total of 38 performances.

If you also want to access exclusive opportunities, register for free on the Urbanitae website or app and invest in something you can touch.


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