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What is Urbanitae?

Urbanitae is your gateway to real estate investment. We are the platform that facilitates the financing of real estate projects with the participation of small, medium and large investors, from 500 euros per project. We specialise in equity crowdfunding, but we also do crowdlending with loans to developers for projects of up to five million euros. We currently represent 60% of real estate crowdfunding in Spain, with solid results: more than 40 million euros returned, more than 275 million invested and more than 140 projects financed. Join Urbanitae, the real estate investment platform that offers you profitable opportunities with controlled risk.

+40 M€


+275 M€


+140 projects


How does Urbanitae work?

We are the smartest and most accessible way to invest in large real estate projects. At Urbanitae we finance large real estate projects with the contribution of a plurality of investors.

We offer you profitable investment opportunities with controlled risk. We are a 100% online platform, without commissions, formalities or paperwork.

You decide which projects you want to invest in from anywhere: through the web or our app.

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Why invest in Urbanitae?


More than 1,500 positive user reviews on Trustpilot and Google.


Registering and investing in Urbanitae has no cost for the investor.


All of our projects have been funded, some within minutes.


La TIR anual media de los proyectos que hemos devuelto.


The estimated average duration of our projects.


Our investors' money is managed by an external entity.


The most agile way of financing for developers

In Urbanitae we stand out for being the most attractive financing channel for developers. We are the clearest financing and investment alternative for real estate investment projects between 1 and 5 million euros.

Our experience speaks for itself: we have worked closely with more than 70 accredited developers in more than 140 real estate projects, either through equity or debt.

We have a loyal investor base that knows our developers and trusts the quality of the projects. Thanks to this trust, we are able to finance projects in less than 24 hours, offering a fast and reliable solution in the real estate investment landscape.

Why developers choose us


We finance 6 out of every 10 euros of real estate crowdfunding in Spain. We are the leading real estate investment platform since 2021.


In Urbanitae, we demand quality but we also adapt with flexibility in each operation. We look for the best for you and your project.


We are the only platform that has financed projects of 5 million euros.

Urbanitae has achieved remarkable results, far exceeding the sector average thanks to our meticulous selection of real estate projects and the application of strict guarantees for our investors. Here are some of our highlights:
  • Over 140 projects financed: We have backed a wide range of real estate projects, providing diversified investment opportunities.
  • Over €275M in funded capital: Our platform has mobilised significant capital to drive the development of innovative projects.
  • Over €40M in returned capital: The trust placed in Urbanitae is reflected in the successful returns to our investors.
  • Average annual return of +16%: With an average annual return of over 14%, we are the most profitable real estate crowdfunding platform in Europe.
These numbers are not just statistics; they represent our commitment to transparency, profitability and the continued success of those who rely on Urbanitae.

Our activity is regulated by Law 18/2022 and is under the supervision of the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores). This guarantees that we operate in accordance with the established regulations, giving you the necessary security and confidence in your real estate investments with us.

No. In Urbanitae we use an external payment entity, duly authorised by the Bank of Spain, to guard the funds of our investors. This guarantees security and transparency in the management of the investments, giving you the confidence that your money is safeguarded safely and in accordance with the established regulations.

What sets Urbanitae apart from other platforms is our transparency. We provide all the detailed information about our projects, allowing you to make informed and confident decisions. At Urbanitae, we believe in openness and clarity, giving you the confidence you need to make informed and successful investments.

At Urbanitae, we assign a personal manager to each investor, available to assist you by phone, email or even in person. We are committed to providing you with the necessary support to resolve your concerns and offer you a personalised and satisfactory investment experience.

In Urbanitae we carry out an exhaustive review of each opportunity we publish and we establish demanding guarantees to minimise the risk. Our commitment is to provide you with solid and safe real estate projects, backed by a meticulous evaluation process that guarantees the reliability and quality of each investment.
Still have questions? Access our FAQ section, clear your doubts and start investing with confidence in Urbanitae, we are here to guide you every step of the way!

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