Achieve Financial Freedom

Myth or Reality? Explore Your Financial Future

It’s becoming increasingly common to hear about financial freedom, financial independence, or financial security. Although there are differences, the basic idea behind these concepts is this: having enough income to live without working. In short, living off your assets.

And indeed, while money isn’t everything, it exerts a significant influence on our lives. For this reason, it is a source of concern for most people. Achieving financial freedom means reaching a state where money is no longer a source of stress. Imagine the advantages:

  • Working by choice, not necessity.
  • Engaging in activities that truly interest us.
  • Enjoying more free time.
  • Forgetting about "making ends meet".

Moreover, achieving financial freedom not only involves generating wealth but also learning to manage it intelligently. It’s a journey that requires planning, discipline, and often the pursuit of passive income sources that generate a steady cash flow without the need for active work.

Is it possible to achieve financial independence?

The first thing that comes to mind is winning the lottery. However, relying entirely on luck is not a reliable method to achieve financial freedom. You can earn money without working, but where do we get those passive incomes that provide peace of mind?

The answer is investment. Today, thanks to technology, there are many options, and generally, it's easy to take the first steps. Don’t be deceived: living solely off assets is very difficult, but improving our financial situation is an achievable goal.

Shortcuts... simply do not exist

How to invest successfully? Even Warren Buffett is not infallible, but there are some tips that help avoid major mistakes.

Save to invest in real estate

If we don't have a good saving capacity, it will be difficult to invest significantly.

Diversify your investment portfolio

It is prudent to spread assets across various investment classes with low correlation to each other, thus reducing overall risk.

Be patient, opportunities will come

Building a good investment portfolio takes time, and results are usually positive in the long run.

Make sure you understand it

If you don’t know how it works, you shouldn’t invest in it. Otherwise, you expose yourself to risks that could be avoidable with adequate knowledge.

Real estate, a good starting point

There are many investment alternatives, from the stock market to robo-advisors, through index funds or cryptocurrencies... In Spain, investing in real estate has always been an interesting option, but generally very expensive. Until crowdfunding arrived…

Everyone knows what a building is, which is an advantage when investing in real estate. Crowdfunding opens up the possibility not only to invest but to diversify your investment, as it does not require much money. How?

Platforms like Urbanitae –the leader in Spain– allow investment in real estate development from only 500 euros. It gathers many different savers so that together they provide the necessary capital to finance an attractive real estate project. A thorough selection of projects is made with criteria of security and transparency.
Investors thus become partners of the developer and participate in typical returns of the sector, around 15-20% per year. The average duration of projects is around 20-24 months. All information about the projects and their evolution is always available on the web, and each investor receives personalized attention.

How it is to invest with Urbanitae

Urbanitae has financed over 240 million euros in nearly 130 real estate projects. It is the highest-grossing crowdfunding platform in Spain and in 2023 financed more than six out of ten euros of real estate crowdfunding in Spain.

Despite the economic context, the results are very positive. In all the projects it has returned, the average annual return is 16%: not bad for getting closer to financial freedom. Almost 4,000 investors have received more than 36 million euros.

With Urbanitae, investing in real estate becomes an accessible and profitable opportunity. Join the community of investors and take the first step towards your financial goals with confidence.

Registering with Urbanitae is 100% online and completely free. If you want to know more, visit the Urbanitae website, go to their offices in Madrid, or call +34 911 23 25 22. They will always be ready to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions | Urbanitae

The minimum amount to invest in real estate projects with Urbanitae is only 500 euros, making investment accessible to a wide range of people.

The real estate projects financed by Urbanitae typically offer annual returns in the range of 15 to 20%, providing an attractive opportunity to grow your wealth.

Urbanitae conducts a thorough selection of real estate projects based on security and transparency criteria, ensuring the quality and viability of the investments.

Urbanitae provides an online platform where investors can access detailed information about the projects they have invested in, including their progress and financial results.
Do you have any questions? Visit our FAQ section, clear your doubts, and start investing confidently with Urbanitae. We are here to guide you every step of the way!

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