Urbanitae: Results and statistics of the leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Spain

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    Connecting investors

    and promoters

    At Urbanitae we are very aware of the opportunities that real estate offers.
    Our objective is, in fact, to promote them: we are experts in connecting investors
    and property developers.

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    We offer cost-effectiveness with

    low risk

    We identify residential, commercial or logistics projects with solid foundations
    and we provide the necessary financing to carry them out, generating attractive returns
    for our investors, with a controlled level of risk.

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    We finance projects

    up to 5 million

    We are the clearest financing and investment alternative for
    real estate projects of up to 5 million euros. We operate from June 2019 with
    CNMV licence and we are authorised as a European crowdfunding platform
    as of October 2022.

Real returns

The results obtained by Urbanitae respond, on the one hand, to a very high level of exigency when selecting both the promoters and each of the projects that are published. For all of them, strict conditions or guarantees are set in order to limit the risk and protect the investor's money. This is the only way to achieve the best real investment opportunities.

Some figures from 2022

Some figures from 2022 to year-end:

  • Funded projects* +32
  • Millions of euros financed*+60
  • Invests* +20.000

    *Updated to December 2022.

Benefits of investing in real estate


The yield on housing in Spain is 7.1%, well above that of deposits.


Real estate is considered a safe asset because it is not dependent on financial cycles.


Housing is a real asset that everyone understands. They tend to appreciate in value over the long term.


Unlike assets such as crypto, the value of real estate does not usually vary dramatically.

Why Urbanitae?




million € funded




million € returned

Why invest in Urbanitae? Since June 2019, we have financed more than 70 projects from 46 developers, for a volume of more than €100 million, through more than 35,000 investments. To date, we have returned 18 projects and more than €12 million to almost 3,000 investors. The average return at Urbanitae is 18% per annum.

Urbanitae value

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