Unity is Strength

AWith hundreds – sometimes thousands – of participants, none of them are required to contribute large sums of money. At Urbanitae, the minimum to participate is 500 euros. Everything is done online, with no costs or paperwork, and under the supervision of the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission).

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Three Types of Real Estate Investment Projects

Capital Gain or Equity Projects

Investors partner with the developer and share, according to their contribution, the profitability at the end of the project. The average investment term is between 18 and 36 months, with an average annualized return between 12% and 18%.

Loan or Crowdlending Projects

Investors finance the developer through a loan with a mortgage guarantee on the asset, with terms between 6 and 18 months. The average annualized return is between 9% and 11%.

Income Projects

In this type of project, the investment is directed at real estate assets that are rented out for several years before being sold. These projects offer periodic returns with very low risk. The target annual return is 5-6%.

Discover the Opportunities for Investors and Developers

Benefits for Investors

  • Accessible Investment for All: Real estate crowdfunding offers the opportunity to invest in real estate to anyone, regardless of their financial profile, facilitating secure and reliable access to investments.

  • Higher Returns: It offers higher yields than traditional real estate investments, making it a more profitable option for investors.

  • Asset Diversification: By requiring small amounts, real estate crowdfunding enables diversification across multiple projects, allowing investors to spread their investments while keeping risk in check.


Advantages for Developers

  • Quick Access to Flexible Financing: Real estate crowdfunding provides an agile way to obtain funds, allowing developers to capitalize on opportunities without the lengthy processes of traditional loans.

  • Diversification of Financial Risks: By involving multiple investors, risk is distributed among them, reducing the developer’s exposure and increasing the project’s financial stability.

  • Project Validation: Investor backing through crowdfunding can validate the project’s viability, indicating genuine market interest and enhancing its credibility with other potential financiers.


Urbanitae's Results

Urbanitae stands out as the leading real estate investment platform in Spain, representing over 60% of the real estate crowdfunding market. Its results speak for themselves:
  • It has financed over 120 real estate projects totaling more than 220 million euros through over 80,000 investments.

  • In 31 projects, it has fully repaid the capital to nearly 11,000 investors, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and profitability. With an average annual return exceeding 16%, Urbanitae positions itself as an attractive and secure option for those seeking solid opportunities in the real estate investment world.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment

Urbanitae stands out for offering high-quality real estate projects. By choosing Urbanitae, you access carefully selected investment opportunities backed by an expert team in the real estate market.

Urbanitae offers the possibility to participate in real estate projects from just 500€, providing small investors the opportunity to enter the real estate market without large outlays.

Urbanitae is distinguished by carrying out a thorough analysis process in the selection of projects, offering transparency and reducing risks through the establishment of guarantees, diversification, and professional management.

Starting to invest with Urbanitae is easy and secure, with no costs or commissions. Register for free, explore the available investment projects, and select the one that best suits your financial goals.

Urbanitae diversifies its portfolio with residential, commercial, and industrial projects, providing investors with options to participate in different segments of the real estate market. These are the three types of projects available at Urbanitae:
  • Capital Gain Projects
  • Loan Projects (real estate crowdlending)
  • Income Projects

At Urbanitae, we offer personalized advice to investors, guiding them in choosing projects that align with their financial goals and level of experience.
Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ section on the website to clear your doubts and start investing with confidence at Urbanitae. We are here to guide you every step of the way!

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