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Why invest in real estate

Inflation and economic uncertainty are causing many to look to bricks and mortar to protect their savings. Real estate - and especially housing - has always been seen as a safe haven. Moreover, with a return of close to 10%, real estate investment is more attractive than similarly risky alternatives.

Spain is an attractive market. Figures point to record real estate investment in our Spain in 2022: more than 15.4 billion euros. At the same time, the shortage of new-build and rental housing makes it unlikely that prices, which are still rising, will fall in the medium term. It seems like a good time to invest, but how?

What is real estate crowdfunding

You have probably heard of real estate crowdfunding platforms, such as Urbanitae. They are regulated by the CNMV and subject to European regulations. How do they work?

  • They bring together many investors to finance real estate projects.
  • With their contribution, investors become partners in the projects (capital gain strategy) or lenders (debt or crowdlending strategy).

Thus, these platforms fulfil two objectives:

  • They democratise real estate investment.
  • They finance profitable projects that would not otherwise go ahead.

How Urbanitae works

The process is online, from registration to the act of investing, and involves no paperwork, costs or fees. Once registered, the potential investor chooses which projects interest them most and decides whether or not to invest in them. The minimum contribution is small - 500 euros, in the case of Urbanitae - so practically anyone can invest. The similarities between the platforms, however, end here.

Urbanitae and its competitors

Since receiving authorisation to operate in June 2019, Urbanitae has established itself as the benchmark for investors and real estate developers. It is the only real estate crowdfunding platform capable of raising more than €10 million in investments in a month while maintaining the quality of the projects. With more than 60% of the market, it has financed more than 70 projects and more than 100 million euros.

The value of Urbanitae

Equity projects

Urbanitae is the only platform specialising in capital gains or equity projects, which offer higher returns.

Size of projects

Urbanitae differentiates itself by financing projects of between two and five million euros, often within minutes.

Number of investors

Urbanitae alone attracts several hundred investors for each project, which is increasingly approaching or exceeding a thousand.

Record capacity

Only Urbanitae has managed to finance -three times- a €5,000,000 project, the maximum allowed by law.

Customer satisfaction

With over 800 reviews on Trustpilot and Google, it is the highest rated property investment portal.

Annual profitability of 18%.

The results obtained by Urbanitae are not casual. They respond to a very high level of demand when it comes to selecting both the developers and each of the projects that are published. For all of them, strict conditions are set in order to limit the risk and protect the investor's money. This is the only way to achieve the best real investment opportunities: at the end of 2022, the average annual return on projects already returned to investors by Urbanitae was 18%.

Urbanitae in 2022:

32 closed projects
+60 million financed
+20.000 investments

Innovation and leadership

The focus on safe operations is combined with creativity for everything else. This spirit of continuous improvement has translated into innovations ranging from early announcement of project openings to a pre-financing system that expands the possibilities of investing in highly sought-after projects. Innovations that its rivals have been quick to replicate.

All this makes Urbanitae the leader in real estate investment in Spain, against competitors such as Housers, Civislend, Wecity, Fellow Funders or StockCrowd IN.

Smart investment is the best informed investment. Enter Urbanitae and take a look at the projects. Look at the reviews verified by Trustpilot and Google, and choose the best destination for your savings.


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